Help families overcome poverty and hunger.

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Food Pantry

Hunger is often invisible


We exist to meet poverty and hunger head-on and overcome it. Our mission is to feed, clothe, empower, and advocate for families in need in our community, demonstrating to them the love of God.

Every month Shepherds Heart serves thousands of families to protect their children from being without food. For many single parents that are working, childcare and housing costs leave little money for food, healthcare, and other vital needs. Hunger is often invisible, yet it exists among us.

The food pantry is set up like a grocery store where families can come in and shop. Items may vary each week but we will have a variety of canned goods, boxed and dry staple items, meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Providing the pantry to be self-sustaining

Shepherds Heart has developed a creative way to fund part of our operating expenses through the establishment of “Things from the Heart,” a resale store offering clothing and household items at discounted prices.

We minister to those who need clothing or household items, working with individuals in need, schools and other nonprofits throughout the community,

The focus of the store is to provide an opportunity for the pantry to be self-sustaining. All proceeds after expenses help buy food to feed the thousands of families we serve each month. Our organizational focus is to empower people to get beyond poverty and the “poverty mindset”

"It's a place of refuge, where you can have your needs met or where you can express generosity."

We exist to meet poverty and hunger head on and change it.

Our greatest desire is to become effective in elevating people through education and empowerment to help them overcome the “poverty mindset” and change the future of their families for generations to come.


40,000 people are affected by “food insecurity” in our community


The poverty rate in our community is twice the national average and 41% of the people are children


Nearly one in six seniors faces the threat of hunger and not being properly nourshied

Our partners taking on the hunger challenge

The Shepherd’s Heart would not be able to tackle the challenge of feeding and caring for our community if it weren’t for our amazing partners.